Jay Z Gets Dragged By His Marcy Loclettes Over Shady Kaepernick Workout

Everyone’s buzzing over the shady Kaepernick workout saga that started with the NFL pretending to give the polarizing QB a fair shot and ended with Jay Z’s reported disappointment in his last-minute switch-up to control the easily twistable narrative.

Reps for Roc Nation, however, say those “disappointment” reports are untrue.

At this point, it’s a messy situation that swerved left when Jay Z reportedly pressured the league to hold a workout for Kap that turned out to be a self-serving, reputation-fixing ploy by the Rap mogul currently snuggled in bed with the NFL.

Now, we’re not saying Beyonce’s hubby is a scammer but it’s clear the last-minute “workout” was scammy with a shady stench that sent Twitter into a Jay Z-dragging TIZZY.

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