Young Thug’s Whoraaaa Jerrika Karlae Slams Future’s Baby Mama – Brittni: ‘You’re A Fraud!!’

Young Thug’s Fiancee Jerrika Karlae hopped on to her Instagram live to slam Future’s baby mam, Brittni – accusing her of being a “fraud” and a lousy business partner.

In the online rant, Jerrika calls out Brittni, saying that she hardly puts in any work into the business they have invested in together, even going as far as to accuse Brittni of stealing designs from college students.

Brittni has reportedly not been reaching out to their vendors and had Karlae looking crazy as she does not respond to Jerrika’s attempts to contact her.

During the summer, Jerrika made headlines after she claimed that Thug only pretends that he is on drugs.

“Honestly, though, when people think Thug is f*cked up, Thug will be pretending. And I’m really doing a favor of letting that out. Man, Slime is smart. That n*gga not dumb. Thug will throw bait out there just to see who gon’ catch onto it,” she said on the No Jumper podcast.

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