Tori Brixx Accused Of Child Abuse By Rich The Kidd’s Ex-wife!!

Rapper/producer Rich The Kidd’s ex-wife is making some startling accusations against his new girlfriend, Tori Brixx. According to Antoinette Willis, Tori Brixx physically abused the divorced couple’s 3 year old son.

Antoinette went on social media this weekend – and told her story.

Antoinette told fans, “[3 year old son] King told me that [Tori Brixx] smacked him in his face.”

“His dad [didn’t believe his son and] said she will never do that,” she continued.

Antoinette claims that when she confronted Tori about the alleged abuse, Tori convinced the 3 year old to lie – and say it never happened.

Antoinette added, “B*tch why are you over here pressing my son.”

Rich The Kidd and Antoinette are currently locked in a bitter divorce battle, with Antoinette asking for spousal support and child support.

But this isn’t the first time Antoinette accused Tori of doing something criminal.

A few days after Rich The Kidd was beaten during a home invasion robbery, Antoinette took to social media and accused Tori Brixx of setting him up.

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