Dick @ The Top & Dick @ The Bottom…Tokyo Stylez Takes Steps To Transition, Says Surgery Was Successful

Joseline Is That Your Brother???

Tokyo Stylez, who just took his first surgical steps towards transitioning this week. The celebrity hairstylist, known for creating custom looks for Kylie Jenner and Cardi B among other superstar clientele, revealed on Instagram last week plans for a breast augmentation and even more snatched waist. So he can trick the boys for more coins..

After his surgery Saturday Tokyo Stylez revealed, “Surgery was successful thanks again for all of you who had me in your prayers and supported me for making the decision to transition . You guys have no idea having the support from you all means .” He also thanked his doctors for making his first step in transition a success.

He got an outpouring of loving and supportive messages from SheJHeJ Johnson.

SheEJ Johnson commented, “So excited for you and your beautiful..

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