Steve Harvey Explains Why He’s Definitely Hosting Miss Universe

The 2019 Miss Universe pageant is set to be hosted at Tyler Perry Studios in December, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Steve Harvey will return to host it.

The “Family Feud” host said as much in his online segment “Rapid Fire with Steve Harvey” when asked if he’s ever going to host the competition again.

Yeah, and uh, why is that a problem?” he tells the audience between takes on the popular game show. “Y’all thought since I f–ked the name up that was it? I guess you figure, ‘well, you f–ked it up one time! I’m surprised they keep having your stupid ass back!’”

Harvey is, of course, referencing his infamous 2015 gaffein which he announced Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner rather than the true titleholder, Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbacas.

Back in January, the former talk show host explained howthat mixup occurred.

“I got Miss Colombia and the Philippines and I got an earbud in, I got a director talking to me. The teleprompter says, ‘And the new 2015 Miss Universe is…’ just like we’ve been practicing. Well, little do I know, on this card, this woman done put the winner in the corner. My thumb is on the name of the winner. I never saw the third name because we never looked for it.”

Harvey added that he did as he was told by the director and essentially read the names in the order in which they were listed.

“I went out there, man, and I took all that heat,” Harvey explained of having to come clean live on stage. “I even turned the card around and showed it to them; my mistake. … It was so nasty, man. It got ugly.”

But now, for the fifth year in a row, Harvey is back to hosting the pageant. He’ll be doing so at Perry’s newly expanded TPS, which will house the live three-hour event on Sunday, Dec. 8.

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