At The Tender Age Of 60…Former Employee Says Flavor Flav IS THE FATHER Of Her Newborn In Paternity Suit

Flavor Fav might want to re-staff and get his child support coins together, just in case.

The veteran rapper allegedly has another mouth to feed, and the mother of that child used to be on his management team. According to The Blast, a woman by the name of Kate Gammel is claiming that Flav knocked her up over the summer and he’s the father of her 2-month-old baby boy.

A paternity case has been filed in LA County Courts naming Flav as the father and the mom just wants him to pay up! The mother who filed it knows Flav pretty well since she was working for him for a number of years but recently he’s been MIA. Gammell worked with Flavor Flav on the management of several parts of his career, including his merchandise store and appearances.

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