Tyler Perry‘s taking the high road in his old rift with Spike Lee by putting his name on a soundstage at Tyler’s new studio complex — which is no small gesture, considering their rocky past.

We had the movie and TV mogul on “TMZ Live” Monday to talk about the incredible grand opening event at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. The party brought out Beyonce, Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L. Jackson, and many more A-listers … including Spike.

Check it out … TP says any bad blood between them had to take a backseat to honoring Spike for paving the way for black filmmakers. Remember, Spike once referred to Tyler’s ‘Madea’ franchise as “coonery and buffoonery.”

Tyler says since then, he and Spike have met and hashed out their differences … and he hopes they’re setting a good example by doing so.

As for his new 330-acre-large baby … Tyler says it’s a kind of poetic justice that he’s built it on a former Confederate army base.

In addition to having the first full-scale replica of the White House … the studio has 12 soundstages bearing the names of black pioneers in film.

Besides Spike … Oprah, Whoopi, Denzel Washington, Diahann Carroll, Will Smith, Halle Berry, Della Reese, John Singleton and Sidney Poitier were also honored during the grand opening.

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