In Chile Boo News… Future To Propose To Lori Harvey? Why Sources Say It’s Possible

Future briefly dated Lori Harvey last year before her rumored tryst with Trey Songz and relationship with Diddy. The couple has reunited and seems more in love than ever which is why the rapper may pop the question to Steve Harvey’s 23-year-old daughter.

The latest updates concerning the hottest couple in hip-hop surround the model’s 23rd birthday in the Bahamas where Future gave her the VIP treatment

Although Future is a known playboy, it’s clear that he’s smitten by the comedian’s stepdaughter. In addition to going all out for her born day, he’s posted and reposted photos of her on his Instagram which is a huge deal for him.

Additionally, one of his alleged baby mama’s named Eliza Reign hinted that she knew more about Future and Lori’s relationship after he filed a complaint that Eliza was mentally unstable and a stalker.

Reign posted to her Instagram Story that the Drake collaborator warned her that it would be hard to turn the public against him and he was getting ‘married.’

A source close to the situation explained that Eliza may be right.

Future is completely in love with Lori. He hasn’t felt this way about a woman since Ciara who he was engaged to. When he is serious about a relationship he is no stranger to commitment, as in, he’ll put a ring on her finger. Lots of women have posted him on their Instagram but he doesn’t post women unless they’re his baby’s mother or he is in a deep relationship with them. They took some time apart and dated other people but Lori and Future have been serious about each other ever since she was spotted at his own birthday celebration.’

As for Lori, it’s unknown how she feels about marrying the Mask Off artist.

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