‘I Don’t Have Any’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Reality Star Sky Days Gets Dragged for Latest Remarks About Sons

Sky Days is receiving lots of backlash for recently making controversial statements about her children. 

The “Black Ink Crew” star’s strained relationship with her two sons Genesis and Dessalines is no secret. She was even suspended from the VH1 series this season for getting into an explosive confrontation with her youngest son Dess.

In a recent Instagram video of Days quarantining in Florida on a boat, a fan brought up her non-existing relationship with her sons. In the video, Days, who’s seen in a blue bikini, told the camera man to give her “six feet” as she practiced social distance

Underneath the clip, a social media user suggested that the mother of two hadn’t cared enough to check on her sons amid the pandemic. The person wrote, “I bet she didnt even check up on her kids during this plandemic. Smh.”

Days denied her kids and replied, “I don’t have any kids ❤️.”

Her remarks instantly drew negative reactions

She’s been social distancing from her kids since birth. She’s a f–king disgusting ass human being ?”

“I was so disappointed in what she said to her son and I’m another myself no matter how mad I get at my 3 yr old daughter I would never let what she said come out of my mouth”

oh Karma coming around thats why her shop CLOSED DOWN! You should be asking for their forgiveness!”

“The same kids that have you a story line last season ? the ones you made money off of so they not yo kids?”

“Baby trust and believe me you’re going to regret everything you’ve done bad to YOUR kids when you get older just wait…”

On the mid-season premiere, Days hurled some heart-wrenching remarks toward her youngest son Des. She said she should have “swallowed” him and that she nor his father wanted him. 

After the episode aired, her eldest son Genesis agreed with a fan that said he/she understood why the 21-year-old no longer wanted a relationship with his mother. 

“When u expekt the worst and hope 4 the best u see thru the bulls–t,” Genesis wrote. 

Days addressed her big blowup with Des after the premiere aired and was unfazed by the backlash she received for her actions. She said in a now- deleted IG story, “Y’all taking up for Des? That’s nice. That’s sweet. That n—a ain’t have no tears in his eyes, but that’s sweet. Listen, I said what I said. God gon’ deal with me.”

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