House Whoraaaa Of Atlanta A Kenya MooreWhora DIVORCE Drama; Fight Over Custody Of Brooklyn

Word On The Curb..Real House Whoraaaa of Atlanta Kenya MooreWhore has finally thrown in the towel on her marriage to New York businessman Marc Daly, and now the two are fighting over custody of their daughter,

According to court documents, first released by Radar Online, Kenya officially filed for divorce from her husband in May.

Kanya’s attorneys stated in the document that the couple was married on June 10, 2017 and separated on September 19. 2019. The documents say that the two have lived in a “bonafide state of separation since that date.”

Kenya’s lawyers are demanding sole physical and legal custody of their baby girl, Brooklyn. To that end, her attorneys have filed an emergency court order – asking for the court to give her custody of their daughter.

Kenya’s lawyers wrote, “To date, there are various issues impacting the care, safety and well-being of the minor child that could be continuously impacted if not addressed at least on a ‘Temporary’ basis. Without assistance and direction for this Honorable Court, it is our belief that the un- resolved matters as to the minor child will continue, and could become irreparable.”

The court has not yet ruled on Kenya’s request. Additionally, Marc Daly will need to respond

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