Hollywood Lesbian Couple: Lena Waithe & Cynthia Erivo Confirmed!!

Back in January there were rumors going around the internet, that recently divorced director Lena Waithe was dating British actress Cynthia Erivo. Word On The Curb those rumors are true.

The couple has been quarantining together, inside Lena’s palatial Los Angeles mansion. And we got the confirmation – from LENA herself.

That’s right, both Lena and Cynthia posted pics of each other on Instagram inside Lena’s home theater.

Word on the curb is that Lena got divorced, because she was cheating on her wife with Cynthia. Those rumors were never publicly confirmed, but we do know that Lena and Cynthia’s relationship is DEFINITELY going in full force.

Lena is a screenwriter, producer, and actress. She starred in the Netflix comedy-drama series Master of None (2015–2017). She became the first black woman to win the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in 2017 for writing the show’s “Thanksgiving” episode, which was loosely based on her personal experience of coming out to her mother.

She’s also the creator of the Showtime drama series The Chi (2018–present), Boomerang (2019-present), and Twenties (2020-present). She appeared in Steven Spielberg’s 2018 adventure film Ready Player One, and in 2019 wrote and produced the crime film Queen & Slim. In 2020, she starred in a recurring role on the HBO series Westworld.

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