Hoes & Drunks… Love & Flip Flop Brittany Taylor Beat Up Again On IG Live..Dunk Ass Tommie Lee Posts Video!!

Love & Hiphop star Brittany Taylor was beaten up badly last night on IG Live. And the incident occurred at her co-star Tommie Lee’s home, MTO News has learned.

Here is the fight video – warning contains violence

Brittany went to Tommie’s house for a “Quarantine Party”, and ended up being beaten and thrown around by an extremely large woman.

And while Brittney was getting beat, her co-star Tommie was recording it – and Livestreaming it to her thousands of fans.

In the video, the big girl appears to knock Brittney unconscious. Brittany was seen lying motionless on the floor. Eventually the reality star regained consciousness and started fighting the big girl.

But she lost badly. The big girl dragged her all around Tommie’s home.

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