He’s Single, I’m Single’: Diddy’s Mystery Girl Speaks Out, Seemingly Shades Lori Harvey

The woman who was rumored to be the reason why Sean “Diddy” Combs and Lori Harvey split has been revealed, and she’s also spoken out.

Her name is Nicole Olivera, an actress, and she spoke to The Shade Room about all of the chatter that’s been going on about her and Combs.

As reported, Olivera was spotted with the entertainment mogul on Oct. 12 having dinner at Nobu in Los Angeles. Harvey was in Washington D.C. at the time attending Howard University’s homecoming, and Combs’ date with the actress is said to be the cause of the breakup.

Harvey, who’s 22 and Combs who’s 49, started un-following each other soon after the rumored split, and both have kept silent about it. In fact, they haven’t even confirmed they were a couple yet.

In regards to Olivera, she claimed to be close with Combs for a long time and seemed to blow off the talk surrounding her recent date with him.

“He’s single, I’m single, we’re friends,” she explained. “The family and myself are extremely close, because Sean and I have been friends for about ten years.” 

And there seems to be proof of that, because Olivera posted a photo of herself with Combs’ daughters Jessie, D’lila and Chance last year.

Olivera also addressed a flirtatious Instagram exchange between herself and Combs’ son Justin Combs and denied ever being involved with the 25-year-old after being accused.

Because in the comments underneath a bathing suit photo of herself, the actress wrote “Do you miss me like I be missin you?”

“Yes,” Justin answered. 

She then responded, “Miss you more. Meet me in Bali.”

But Olivera said the back-and-forth was totally harmless.

“I’ve never dated or had anything romantic, sexual with Justin or any of his sons,” she explained.

She then seemed to throw a little shade at Harvey, who was also rumored to be dating Justin before his father.

“I’d never date or be romantically/sexually involved with a son and then his father or vice versa,” said Olivera. “No offense to anyone who’s into that. To each their own.” 

A lot of people had plenty to say after her comments were shared, and many said they were incredibly entertained by all of this. 

“The shade is hella real ???,” one person wrote on Instagram. 

“How messy!!!! I’m enjoying every minute of this,” another person chimed in.

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