He’s Bored With Her..NICKI MINAJ’S HUSBAND PLEASE JUDGE, LEMME SURF WEB … I’m A Sex Offender, But Still

Nicki Minaj’s husband really wants to get back to surfing the Internet … something he’s currently barred from doing due to his pending criminal case.

Kenneth Petty just submitted legal docs, obtained by TMZ, begging a California judge to allow him to use the World Wide Web.

As you know … Kenneth recently registered as a sex offender in Cali after getting arrested for allegedly failing to do so when he moved to the state with Nicki. One of the terms of his pretrial release — he can’t use the web unless approved by a supervisor.

According to the docs, prosecutors have already agreed to Kenneth’s request … so now, it’s up to the judge to sign off.

BTW … Petty’s status as a sex offender stems from a 1995 New York conviction for first-degree attempted rape.

Kenneth, who pled not guilty to failing to register as a sex offender, has a curfew and is being required to wear an ankle monitor as he waits for next month’s court date. His travel is also restricted to Southern California.

Sounds pretty boring … especially offline.

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