Heeeeeee Doooon’t Want Ya! 😩🤣🔨🔨🔨👁Lil Baby Gags Sweet Pea For Fueling Rumor He’s Been Smashing

Word On The Curb..

Lil Baby, Sweet Pea and their fans been going at it after the ‘Tap In’ rapper shared a photo on Instagram that sent the internet spiraling with more dating rumors. Not only that — the fan chatter possibly caused some friction between these two stars after Lil Baby seemingly slammed Saweetie for sharing the suspicious photo in tweets!

The drama unfolded online after Saweetie shared a photo dump featuring a flick of herself sitting on the lap of a “mystery man.” The Internet quickly tried to put two and two together, running to Lil Baby’s Facebook page and noticing that the man in Saweetie’s photo was wearing similar shoes and pants to what Lil Baby was wearing just a few days ago.

The shoes and the cut of the pants had fans convinced that the person in the photo was in fact Lil Baby.  Lil Baby has been linked in the past to his baby mama, Jayda Cheaves, although Jayda called it quits with him publicly earlier this year. Fans held out hope for the cop-arents who were seen holding hands even after their split.

Saweetie had a rocky public split from ex-boyfriend Quavo earlier this year as well. Soon after the breakup, footage of their elevator fight went viral. Welp, last night fans brought up the fact that Quavo and Lil Baby are actually label mates, appearing to get a reaction from him on Instagram.

Seemingly responding to Saweetie and Lil Baby Rumors, Quavo wrote ‘we can swap it’. Could he be referring to Jayda Cheaves?

Meanwhile, Lil Baby was getting his Twitter fingers ready to shut down rumors he’s been sneakily smashing Saweetie to Icy Girl smithereens.

The 26-year-old sent out two tweets that have since been deleted from his Twitter account at 3:10 am

Saweetie has since deleted the mysterious lap-sitting photo from her page.

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