He Tired & Threwwwww.. Kodak Black Faces 30-Year Sentences for 2 Additional Gun Charges

Kodak Black‘s legal issues continue to mount.

Just days after he was sentenced to federal prison, the 22-year-old rapper was hit with two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The Miami Herald reports Kodak—legal name Bill K. Kapri—is considered a “habitual violent offender,” which means the new felony charges each carry a maximum sentence of 30 years behind bars.

According to the Miami Herald, the new charges stem from two separate incidents. The first count was for a firearm Kodak purchased in January; the second was for a firearm Kodak was in possession of during his arrest back in May.

On Wednesday, Kodak was sentenced to 46 months in prison for knowingly making false statements to unlawfully purchase a gun. Because he is facing sexual assault charges in South Carolina, the Florida-bred rapper is barred from buying a weapon; however, Kodak later admitted to lying about his criminal history when he filled out a Firearms Transaction Record form back in January. At that time, Kodak had also provided an inaccurate social security number, which allowed him to make the purchase. Prosecutors say two of the guns he had bought were later discovered at crime scenes. One of the weapons was reportedly used in an attack a Kodak rival; the gun had a live round in the chamber as well as Kodak’s fingerprints; however he has not been charged in that shooting.

Following the January firearms purchase, Kodak attempted to buy more weapons in March. He, once again, provided false information about his criminal record, but entered his correct social security number. This caused him to fail the background check.

U.S. District Court Judge Federico Moreno alluded to Kodak’s extensive criminal history during this week’s sentencing: “Young people do stupid things,” he said, as reported by the Sun-Sentinel. “But the problem is that you’ve been doing stupid things since you were 15.”

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