He Finally Got Some New Material.. Kevin Hart Humbled By Male Mexican Nurse Who Had To Wipe His Butt After Car Accident

Kevin Hart had the worst toilet trouble as he was recovering from his spinal surgery following a car crash in September, because he felt as if someone had dropped a stick of dynamite in his stomach and lit the fuse.

The 40-year-old funnyman made his return to the spotlight at the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday, and now Kevin has opened up about his experience in the hospital following the near-fatal accident, while hosting his SiriusXM show, Straight From The Hart.

Talking about the difficulties he faced going to the bathroom, he revealed he really struggled after the operation and felt he was going to explode.

He explained, “I go to sleep and it’s a tough night; I’m throwing up. In my mind, I’m gonna f##king s##t out my mouth – it’s trying to come out…! It’s bad… 6am I sat up out that bed like the Godd##n undertaker… My stomach felt like somebody lit dynamite and threw it in my stomach and ran.”

The “Ride Along” star woke up his wife, who was asleep in the bed next to him, and told her to get help, and the nurses were just able to get him to the toilet before he exploded and filled the bowl.

Hart then felt totally humbled by his Mexican nurse, who came in to clean up the comedian.

“He’s, like, 60 years old, Mexican dude,” Hart recalled. “Jose comes in and don’t ask me no questions. Jose grabs the gauze, puts this spongy soapy s##t on the gauze, turns me round and starts wiping my a##! He said, ‘It’s OK man… Keep it coming man…!’ It was humbling how it happened. You really are helpless. There was nothing I could do.”

But his recovery wasn’t all bad: “Oprah (Winfrey) sent me flowers that are still alive,” Kevin added. “It’s some orchids or some s##t.”

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