He Don’t Want No Smoke’: Fizz’s Attempt to Shade Joe Budden Backfires When Fans Agree With ‘Pump it Up’ Rapper

Sometimes Joe Budden says or posts things that people just don’t agree with, but that wasn’t the case when he tweeted a message over the weekend. 

On Saturday, the rapper-turned-podcast-host weighed in on “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘s” Lil Fizz being romantically involved with his co-star Apryl Jones.

Rumors that Fizz and Jones were involved first surfacedin December of 2018, but they maintained their relationship was just platonic. But the chatter only seemed to increase after they made their union official in a recent episode and shared a kiss.

The reason why all of this has been such a big deal is because Jones used to be the girlfriend of Fizz’s B2K band mate Omarion Grandberry, and they have two children together. 

And Fizz used to be with Moniece Slaughter, whom he has a 9-year-old son with. Plus, Slaughter and Jones used to be friends, which only fuels the controversy even more.

So all of this brings us to Sunday when Fizz shared a photo of hImself and Jones embracing. “Good things come to those who wait,” he wrote in the caption. 

Jones also shared a photo of herself and the rapper.

And that’s where Budden comes in, because in his message he said Grandberry should get a pat on the back for keeping his cool about Fizz dating his ex.

Omarion don’t get enough credit for just chillin cuz man listen,” Budden tweeted.

One of the people who commented on that tweet was Matt Barnes, who wrote that “Fizz supposed get his a– BEAT!!!!!” which he’s since deleted. 

If you recall, Barnes had a similar situation when his ex Gloria Govan began dating his former NBA teammate Derek Fisher, and Barnes reportedly drove over 90 miles to fight him. 

Another person who weighed in on Budden’s tweet was Fizz himself, who wrote “Lol #Mr PumpitUp clout chasing now,” referencing Budden’s 2003 single. 

Ironically, Fizz and Grandberry danced to “Pump It Up” in the 2004 film “You Got Served.”

Afterward, a lot of people dissed Fizz for responding to Budden and dating Jones. 

“You worried about clout need to worry bout KARMA,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Hell Joe is right!! I think about Omarion’s maturity everytime I see April and fizz smh,” someone else commented. 

How is this clout chasing you wrong af bro point blank and the period ??,” another person let Fizz know. 

And a fourth person wrote “Now he know he don’t want no smoke from @joebudden ?.”

Budden has also gone though his own relationship drama recently, because in May he said Cyn Santana, the mother of his child, moved out of their home.

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