He Ain’t Deserve U’: Cyn Santana Fans Scorch Joe Budden After She Tweets About ‘Heartbreak’

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Cyn Santana may not be over her ex-fiancé Joe Budden after all.

The 26-year-old model and Budden called it quits a few months ago after dating for nearly three years. Although, Santana’s been partying it up with her friends these last few weeks and seemingly living her best life, it looks like her recent breakup may still be fresh.

The “LHHNY” actress took to Twitter on Sunday, Sept. 15 and tweeted, “Hey u guys how long does a heartbreak last??”

After a mass of fan advice, she followed up with a tweet that read, “I think you gotta allow yourself to feel your feelings in its truest form and dive into them. It’s the only way to properly heal. Facing every single thing. … This is life.”

Fans instantly assumed Santana was speaking on her recent breakup with Budden, calling the podcaster on the carpet.

“Alexa play unbreak my hawrrtt ? Joe was selfish and he ain’t deserve u beautiful ?”

“Aww baby. @cynsantana Everything will get better ?? I hope you heal”

“Joe was a dick anyway and I love Cyn u can tell she was the light in their relationship. It’ll be ok babygirl ?”

“Never completely get over .. that person will always hold a piece of your heart. I do hope u and jo get back together. I love y’all ❤️”

It’s not clear if Santana and Budden will reconcile anytime soon, but the pair seemed to have worked out a co-parenting relationship for their 1-year-old son Lexington Budden.

The retired rap artist sparked rumors that his ex-fiancéewas keeping baby Lexington from him. The pair welcomed their son back in 2017.

“I miss my son so much…. gotta go thru it tho… again,” Budden tweeted on August 13.

Santana faced backlash for Budden’s insinuations and quickly addressed it in a statement on August 14, writing, “Lol y’all think I give a damn about what complete strangers with ZERO information have to say about me as it pertains to my son? Y’all don’t know a SINGLE thing about anything. I’ve kept it like that on purpose sis. Y’all stay blessed and protected tho.”

In early May, it was reported that Santana, 26, and Budden, 38, called off their engagement after rumors of infidelity surrounded the rapper. They’ve never directly addressed their split.

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