Gurl Bye? Megan Thee Pony Formally Announces How Truly Tired She Is Of You Hoes, Vows To Let It Be Known

Megan Thee Stallion has been warm, welcoming, and accepting of many of you hoes. She’s embraced, ingratiated, and exemplified congeniality on a good portion of these hoes.

Truth is, Meg don’t like you hoes. Not one bit. Thee Stallion let it be known that things will be different in the new decade.

Honesty, integrity, and snatchin’ a hatin’ b!t¢h wig, that’s the gangsta s#!t Meg is on for 2020 and we love to see it. 

Now, on to the important question, who the hell could she possibly be talking about? Sure, with the influx of top tier women in rap it could be one of her rap peers, but let’s not leave out these male rappers either. Lord knows they can be b!tche$ too.

We’re just sayin’. Sounds like kinder-and-gentler Meg is out.

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