Gucci Mane Still Hating On Angela Yee From Breakfast Club

Gucci Mane really is in his feelings over Angela Yet from The breakfast Club.

The rapper revealed that he was not actually banned from The Breakfast Club, despite his claims last week on his Instagram page – but he thinks that Angela Yee is a “hater.”

Back in 2016, Gucci went viral after an interview with the morning radio show, where he alleged that the Lip Service creator tried to holla at him. Yee denied his claims, but Gucci – who seemed angry at her, did not believe that Yee wasn’t trying to shoot her shot.

“I don’t think I was actually banned. I think they never used the word banned. I think they just declining to interview. Every time I would drop an album, they would say, ‘We decline to interview. We decline to record.’ However, the label reach out, they would always decline it. It happened so many times it was like, ‘Am I banned from up there?’ It was like, ‘Basically.’ Every time we say, ‘Hey, Gucci want to come up here, its an album coming out.’ They always decline. It’s cause they say they don’t feel comfortable, they don’t trust me. Well, that’s what she said,” Gucci explained on Everyday Struggle.

But Gucci is still not a fan of Yee:

“She’s just a hater, man, it’s blown out of proportion. […] She’s just embarrassed, nobody wants to be humiliated, so I understand,” he added.

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