Gucci Mane‘s convinced the nightclub where he performed screwed him over and indirectly got his supercar towed, but the club’s calling BS … and laying the blame squarely on a drug store.

A rep for Mr Jones Miami — the club where Gucci performed last week — tells TMZ the rapper’s sadly mistaken by pointing a finger at them because they say it’s his own security that screwed up parking the Ferrari Superfast.

Here’s the deal … we’re being told someone on Gucci’s security team parked the $600k ride in a lot behind the club — a lot that technically belongs to the CVS next door. Gucci’s team allegedly even talked to the CVS manager and got the okay to park there.

It seems everything would’ve been fine, except that manager’s shift ended. The folks at Mr Jones tell us a NEW manager came on duty and called for the tow because he had no clue about Gucci’s deal with his predecessor.

Classic communication breakdown.

Of course, that’s not how Gucci feels about it. In his Instagram video documenting the whole ordeal, he insinuates the club owes him as much as $40k — to cover damage to his car — since he thinks their valets misled him.

Mr. Jones denies their valets ever gave Gucci’s team the go-ahead to park in CVS’ lot … because their peeps strictly handle parking in front of the club, not in the back.

Problem is, no one knows if Gucci’s buying that. We’ve reached out, but no word back.

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