Graphic A$AP Rocky Sextape Leaks – After News Breaks He’s Dating Rihanna!!

Someone is really upset that rap superstar A$AP Rocky moved on with his life – and is dating pop superstar Rihanna. The rapper is currently trending worldwide on Twitter, after an alleged sextape of him was leaked online.

The alleged sextape popped up on the popular adult film site Pornhub, and it’s been seen by more than 1,000,000 people. The alleged video can be found on Pornhub, using the search terms “asap rocky” and “f*cking”


News of the alleged sextape leak couldn’t come at a worse time. A$AP and Rihanna have recently begun dating, and the couple’s international profile was rising.

But last night, the video popped up on pronhub, and people started sharing it on Twitter.

In the video, a man with the build of A$AP Rocky is seen having relations with a voluptuous White girl. You can’t see either participants face. But one curious thing that was left in the video is a seemingly expensive piece of fabric with the letter “R” in cursive script on it.

The man in the video appears to have the same hand tattoo as A$AP Rocky. Look:

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