Good For You..Kid Cudi Issues An Apology To All Of His Past Girlfriends He “Treated Like S**T”

Kid Cudi is serious about letting his former girlfriends know he’s sorry for how he may have treated them.

The rapper seemed to be doing some self-reflection on Saturday as he took to Twitter to share his revelations with the world. It all started when Cudi began to explain the importance of self-love in romantic relationships: “U can’t be in love w someone until u love yourself,” he wrote. “It took me years to learn that.”

He then went on to acknowledge that he wasn’t always the best boyfriend, especially to the women he was in relationships with in his 20s and and early 30s. Cudder not only publicly apologized to all of his past partners, but also took full responsibility for the failed unions.

“I apologize to all my girlfriends in my 20s and early 30s I let down and treated like shit because I wasnt right,” he tweeted. “All of my relationships didnt work out because of me. I had to accept that and find peace and be better.”

Luckily, Kid Cudi goes on to say that he’s in a much more positive place today and has fallen back in love with himself. He also gives some encouraging words to anyone out there who might think they won’t make it out of whatever dark place they’re in momentarily.

Now, im 35 and the past 3 years Ive fallin back in love w Scott. It feels great!! To anyone whos still dealin w things, know that u will be ok and u will find a way to the light. I thought id never find a way out of my madness. So silly of me

Kid Cudi has never been quiet about his struggles with mental health, but it’s nice to see him letting his fans know–many of whom go through the same things he does–that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Plus: it’s never too late to take responsibility for your actions. We see you, king.

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