Give Thanks For Dr. Curves, Photo Shop & Filters.. She Get It From Her Moma…Go Ms. Diane..#RHOA

A new photo Porsha Williams’ mother shared on her Instagram account recently proves “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star absolutely gets it from her mama.

The reality star mom on Wednesday shared an image of her posing in a curve-hugging pair of jeans, a long-sleeved black shirt and pointed-toe heels.

You can’t go back to change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending! – C. S. Lewis,” read Diane Williams’ caption under the Nov. 6 photo.

The image immediately caught the attention of Ms. Diane’s daughter. She commented, “Dayum mommy ‘??”

Then, other followers of Ms. Diane began to remark on the photo with comments that were just as praiseworthy.

“Simply Gorgeous”

Okkkkurrrt!!! You better come thru Ms. Diane!! ???❤️”

“Beautiful glammom??”

“Dammm Ms Diane share yr loss of pounds secret you’re Beautifulness either way I’m just struggling to lose some too ?????❤️❤️❤️”

“She’s so fine ♥️”

“Wow Ms Diane you’re nice ????”

This is not the first time that 38-year-old Williams’ 61-year-old mother has attracted such wide fanfare over her appearance.

Back in May, Ms. Diane and Williams posted alongside each other for a mother-daughter photo op that showed off the “RHOA” star’s post-baby figure. Williams had given birth to daughter Pilar Jhena’ just three months earlier, but it was her mom’s svelte waistline that had fans raving.

I’m sorry @porsha4real you are beautiful sis but mama is snatched and gorgeous. ??? #beautifulQueens.”

“Ms Diane is snatched honey! ?.”

“Ok momma giving snatched waist for the gawds!! Let’em have it Ms. Diane ?????????.”

Yet having a disappearing waistline isn’t the only thing Williams’ mother has apparently passed down to her daughter.

When the 12th season of “RHOA” premiered Sunday, fans saw Ms. Diane fixing up a plate of barbecue for her daughter, who had been nursing a broken heart. Williams had been struggling to get out of bed in the days following fiancé Dennis McKinley moving out of their home when Williams discovered he had been cheating.

The star’s mom hoped to fill her daughter’s belly by giving her a plate of ribs, yet when she put it together, Ms. Diane couldn’t help but eat some of the food herself. The moment was similar to one Williams had last season when she fixed McKinley a plate. Both mom and daughter took notice and remarked on it on their respective Instagram pages.

“It’s in my DNA! Thanks @msdianeofficial ??” Williams wrote while her mom remarked, “She get it from her momma !!! Thick thighs save lives!!?? #Foodie A lil pig ain’t hurt nobody! #Rhoa.”

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