Girl ? Cardi B Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over This Tweet Debuting Her ‘New Name’

All eyes are on Cardi B as the Bardi Gang awaits the arrival of her sophomore album, which could be upon fans any day now.

The Bronx rap star has been putting in serious work in the booth cooking up the highly-anticipated follow-up to her Grammy-winning debut project, Invasion of Privacy. Back in November of 2019, the Bronx-bred rapper told Billboard all she thinks about is her album “24/7,” adding the project is her main focus for 2020 amid her ever-growing acting credits. “It’s practically all I’m focusing on,” she said. “I’m just having fun in the studio, because if you think, ‘My first album was like this, I gotta have the same recipe,’ it’s just not gonna work.” Thus far, Cardi has only revealed that the new album is tentatively titled Tiger Woods, although a release date has not been announced. In a separate interview with Forbes, she heavily hinted that the project will be packing some serious heat

I’m going to give people a little bit of everything…I feel like my last couple of songs, people tried to say that they were a little bit too pop, and I was turning a little bit too pop,” she shared. “I’m going to show them New York rap styles…but I’m not going to do my whole album that way.”

In between dropping tidbits about the record, Cardi has been keeping her Bardi Gang humorously entertained throughout the recording process. Most recently, the rap superstar joked that everybody around her was seemingly getting pregnant. However, she assured fans the only she had cooking was five bangers for her forthcoming album. 

Cardi was back on Twitter Thursday (Feb. 13) where she had another revelation to share with her fans. 

“I got a new name,” she notified her nine million social followers Twitter before she revealed her new moniker moments later in a second tweet: “Diamond Demon.”

Her announcement has piqued fans’ interest. 

“Demon you say?” one wrote back in her comments. “You’re not playing this era,” a second tweeted. 

Diamond Demon is definitely an interesting proposition, and it’ll be interesting to see how that manifests in Cardi’s new album. 

Check out the best reactions to Cardi B’s possible alter ego below. 

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