Gina Rodriguez This Is Becoming A Habit.. GinaGets Slammed Again For Erasing Black Issues In

Gina Rodriguez is back in the headlines for a reason with which she’s become quite familiar.

As previously reported, the Jane the Virgin star came under fire in October 2019 for saying the N-word while rapping along to a Fugees song on her Instagram Live. Before then, she was criticized for repeatedly trying to insert herself into Black issues — from this “All Lives Matter” moment to unnecessarily rallying for Latinx inclusion when Black Panther was announced.

Now, a clip from a 2015 The Hollywood Reporter roundtable discussion about representation has resurfaced showing the actress mirroring the actions she’s quickly become known for.

In the clip, while the group discussed the lack of Black female representation in movies, Rodriguez quickly interjected that Latinos should not be left out of the conversation.

“Chris Rock talked about how you can go to the movies once a week for many months and never really see a Black woman on screen in a substantial way,” the moderator said.

Before she could continue, Rodriguez interrupted, adding, “I think that also goes for Latinos as well.”

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