Gaaaaaaaaaad Damnnnn #gagnation?

Good afternoon I gotta get up n burn some ghetto Inscent! The spirit of Malik Yoga had entered my home….now a nigga dreaming about slammin some Pooooseyyy and the Womun turned around and it was a man in a damn wig tidday up top but it was wired no dick at the bottom or poosey it was just blank like a Barbie Doll….SOME REAL MUTANT SHIT??? and u know Every man wants a Womunnnn but it wasn’t a Womunnnn ….we can’t even have our dreams and to our self the mutha fuckn Transylvania invading our dreams our lives and our homes our schools our bathrooms and now they want black girl rocks …I love all ppl but I ain’t no mutant fuckn kinda nigga so I’mma burn sage Blunts and Ghetto Inscent it’s gone be more smoke then when the pennyless whore sour puss smoked mother of basset hound on the gad damn grill for the Worthless Sackafice ….

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