Future’s Whoraaa Baby Mama Eliza Reign Flexes On IG After DNA Test Proves Rapper Is Father To Her 1-Year-Old

Future’s baby mama Eliza Reign is showing off on social media days after scoring a huge victory in her paternity suit against the rapper.

Eliza shared a photo of her posing in a green dress ensemble in her living room. She looks to be incredibly happy and unbothered amid her court battle with Future.

In the snap, Eliza made sure to wear a gold watch which is interesting given the rapper gifts all his women a gold Rolex. The post comes days after a DNA test came back showing Future is the father to Eliza’s 1-year-old daughter Reign.

Last year, Eliza sued Future for paternity, child support and custody. The rapper dragged his feet for some time before submitting to the DNA test. She believes he should pay her around $53,000 a month in child support. He thinks Reign only needs around $450 a month to cover expenses.

In response to the paternity lawsuit, Future filed a federal lawsuit accusing Eliza of defamation and libel. He took issue with her making public statementsabout the situation and sitting down for interviews about him.

A judge recently threw out the majority of claims filed by Future, including his request for an injunction. The judge did not see enough evidence to order Eliza is prohibited from speaking about Future in the press. Eliza argued against an injunction saying everything she said publicly was true

Earlier this month, Eliza countersued Future for libel accusing him of ruining his name with lies. She claimed he made false accusations about her suffering from mental issues, that she plotted to get pregnant by a rich man and claims she had a violent past.

Future’s current girlfriend, Lori Harvey, continues to remain mum on Future’s baby mama drama. She continues to remain by his side and show him public support.

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