Future’s Two Alleged Baby Mamas Post DNA Test Results To Prove Their Kids Are Siblings!!

Two of Future’s alleged baby mama’s linked up and had a DNA test conducted to prove that their children are siblings – and the results are damning!

Eliza Reign and Cindy Parker shared the results of their children’s DNA tests on social media, and according to the report there is a 99.999% chance the two kids are half-siblings.

Cindy shared her results along with the caption, “Legend can be avoided. Even the court system can be avoided. However, one thing that is for sure, is charity starts at the home and family is everything, regardless of the circumstances.”

Eliza Reign also shared her results. Her post was captioned:

“See, I like you! You fight for your baby, and that’s what’s important. F* the gossip! You fight for Reign, and ain’t no way around it!! ???”

Future has not publicly claimed these children and appeared to deny paternity, but now he may have to take a different position because – the test results are in.

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