Future’s Babys Mama Was ‘F*cking Tory Lanez’ – He May Be The Daddy!!

Future’s 8th baby’s mama Eliza Reign may not be his baby’s mother after all.

One of her friends came out, and explained that her baby may not be Future’s . . . but that it might be rapper Tory Lanez’s.

Eliza’s friend went on Live yesterday, and spilled tea about her pal. According to the friend, Eliza purposely got pregnant – even though the she and Future were only in a casual relationship.

The friend explained, “[Eliza] and Future weren’t in a relationship, he just called her when he was in town to smash.”

She continued, “When Future and her started having sex without a condom, [Eliza] took fertility pills.”

She added, “This is just a check baby. She looked into it, and none of Future’s other babys’ mothers have him on child support, so she was going to be the first, and she expected to get a bag over it.”

But Eliza was also seeing another rapper during her conception time, rapper Tory Lanez. Her friend added, “She doesn’t know which [rapper] is her baby’s father.”

Eliza Reign has blasted Future countless times on social media for not claiming her child.

Reign insisted that the rapper is a dead beat and urged him to take care of his responsibilities as a father. “I don’t give a f* about none of the baby mamas, I’m not the jealous type. But you’re not gonna sit there and try me. Do what you’re supposed to do. Simple as that. You’re dodging, you’re playing games, and then you’re throwing subs. F* you, and whoever condone that. Period,” she said in her Instagram Live.

Future has responded subliminally on social media and on an unreleased song. “I don’t know her name but she had my child,” he rapped clearly referencing Eliza who gave her daughter, Reign, Future’s last name, Wilburn.

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