Future Pleads For “Privacy” In Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign’s Paternity Case As She Seeks $53K A Month In Child Support

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Future has begged a Florida family court judge not to have to turn over information on his finances as part of his alleged baby mama’s paternity case against him as she seeks more than $53,000 a month in child support.

The “Life Is Good” artist filed court papers last week pleading for the court to let him off the hook in having to cough up his income details or take a paternity test, arguing that if the data became public, it would cause “material injury and irreparable harm,” according to Future’s court papers.

Specifically, Future’s lawyer accuses his alleged baby mama Eliza Reign, and her lawyer of leaking details of their case to various media outlets, including BOSSIP. Future’s lawyer said that the media sites’ aggressive coverage of the case proved that Reign was feeding them information, and he feared that if he has to hand over his income info or DNA results, his personal information would be out there for all to see.

If Future does have to reveal his finances, his lawyer asked that the scope be narrowed and be filed under seal and only designated people to have access to it.

However, the judge hasn’t yet budged on an earlier court order that forces Future to disclose his financial information, and another that compels him to take the DNA test. Reign’s lawyer said in court docs that he has yet to do either.

The news comes as Reign’s lawyer told Future’s lawyer that they planned to seek $53,754 a month in child support for her little girl, based on a Forbes article that put Future’s income at $19.5 million a year, court papers show. The attorney said Reign would also seek back child support for the baby girl, who will be one next month.

The rapper meanwhile, has already filed a motion for a downward deviation in child support, arguing that Reign only needs $450 a month to support the child, and accused her of calling the tot a “check baby,” or a baby conceived in order to extract large child support sums from a wealthy parent.

A judge has not yet ruled on the motions from either side.

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