Future Finally Confesses To Sleeping With This Instagram Model And Is Now Dragging Her To Court For Causing Him Emotional Distress After She Dropped This Humiliating Bombshell About Him

According to recent reports, rapper Future is taking legal action against the supposed mother of one of his children, Eliza Reign, who has apparently been sharing intimate details of the celebrity’s private life. 

It seems the hip-hop star has finally had enough with Reign and is dragging her to court for invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress

The “Life is Good” performer confessed for the first time he has had sexual intercourse with her, as he claimed that she only cared about becoming famous and to achieve her goal, she was reportedly talking about things that she learned during the “private consensual sexual activity” they did together.

Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, admitted that he was involved in an intimate relationship with Reign for two years until she allegedly started harassing him upon learning that she was expecting a child. 

The rapper claimed Reign began calling him repeatedly until he finally changed his phone number to escape from her.

However, Reign then apparently took up a new approach of intimidating her former lover, as she started marketing T-shirts with the “1-800-Deadbeat” written on them, and wrote about Future on social media. 

Future also claimed that Reign should not have discussed his bedroom performance during her interview with Rah Ali when she evaluated his skills as “good enough to get by.”

In addition, the rapper stated that as a result of Reign’s actions against him, he was now suffering from “substantial embarrassment, humiliation, and hurt feelings,” and the goal of his lawsuit was to legally stop Reign from openly sharing details about him to the public.

One person had this reaction: “He is being petty so she can be petty back. Well, whatever he should take the test, ? I know damn good, and well, he doesn’t pay child support for all these damn kids he has.”

Another commenter claimed: “If even you know that, surely this woman right here knew that so why proceed to have a child with someone like that then complain when the behavior remains the same? Make it make sense. ??‍♀️”

This follower stated: “I love you so much, sis ! You’re a beautiful black woman who possesses the gift of creating life, but you’re making it too easy for people to depict you as bitter or say, “I see why he didn’t want her baby.” Just chill and enjoy your gift from god even if you’re enjoying it alone

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