Former G-Unit Rapper Young Buck Likes Gay Video On Twitter!!

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck was caught yesterday, apparently “liking” a video showing two men engaged in a gay sex act,. MTO News has learned.

Last year Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, was “exposed” by a transgender who claims that he and the rapper had a relationship. The transgender provided recordings of conversations that she had with Young Buck.

At the time, many in the hip hop community believed that Young Buck was secretly a member of the LGBTq community. But Buck denied it, and claimed that he was “tricked” into the relationship with the transgender.

Well now here’s more evidence. Someone was scrolling trough Young Buck’s likes on Twitter, and found that he had “liked” a gay porn video.

Young Buck realized what happened, and he quickly deleted all his likes.

But not before people caught wind of what kind of content that the Nashville rapper was watching

?He Loves A Little Dick Every Now And Then Ahhhhhhhhh?????

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