For Once Nick Van Dyke Got It Right.. Nicki Minaj Quits Instagram In Solidarity With Independent Artists

Instagram recently announced that it would begin hiding “likes” from select users, so followers no longer can see them, in an attempt to promote mental health on the platform. Though celebrities like Kim Kardashian agree the move could be beneficial, Nicki Minaj doesn’t see the test as something positive. 

“I’m not posting on IG after this week cuz they removing the likes. Hmmmm what should I get into now?” she tweeted on Saturday (November 9) in response to the news. “Think of all the time I’ll have with my new life”

“They will replace that too. You’ll see,” she replied to a scenario concerning businesses’ ability to run Instagram ads. “This isn’t about how smaller companies will cope. It’s about WHY the bigger company is doing it. This is why musicians make no money. The labels & streaming services knew what to say to pacify us. They continue to make the REAL MONEY.”

“We are so easily pacified. Harriet [Tubman] would never,” she continued in a separate tweet. “Y’all smoking d**k if y’all think labels ain’t pissed about the level of power independent artists now have by way of IG. They all work TOGETHER. Unlike us… settling for crumbs. But memba when I spoke on other s**t b4 it happened?”

On Sunday (November 10), the rapper continued the discourse. “And who do you think is controlling those numbers? so that influencers can be out here ‘influencing’ ppl to LIKE all the new stuff they bout to do?” she argued when a user mentioned influencers have said their engagement has increased following the removal of likes. “They gotta get y’all on board to spread the word. Just like how YouTube can take away or add a million views @ any given moment”

Her last message continues to lay blame on the platform for toying with algorithms. “They took away your engagements in the first place by disrupting the algorithm. Then they boost it to show you how much better this new iPhone is,” she wrote. “I mean how much better this new IG feature is. —- lemme guess, u don’t believe your iPhone messes up when the new iPhone comes out…”

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