Flo Rida Accused Of Not Paying Autistic Son’s Tuition For Specialized School

This week, Flo Rida announced that he donated $1.5 million towards COVID-19 testing in the Sunshine State.

Well, it looks like that charitable nature doesn’t extend to his own home, because his toddler son is in danger of losing his place at a specialized school because the rapper has failed to pay the child’s tuition.

As part of a court order, Flo is supposed to pay for his three-year-old son Zohar’s school fees, among other costs. However, the “Welcome To My House” rapper hasn’t yet paid the nearly $90,000 a year tuition balance, a source told us. Last year, doctors diagnosed the tot with autism, and the boy has to attend a specialized school with a curriculum to address his needs and learning style.

We’re told Flo’s former partner Alexis Adams is exasperated by him allegedly flouting the order, and despite sending the bill to the rapper’s lawyer, he still hasn’t paid anything towards the tuition. She plans to complain to the courts once it reopens following the pandemic, the source said.

It’s not the first time that Flo Rida and Adams, who works in the beauty industry, have clashed over the boy. The pair were locked in an acrimonious court case for more than two years over paternity and child support for Zohar, who Adams raises exclusively.

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