Flavor Flav’s net worth is being questioned after the mother of his youngest child, Kate Gammell, went on Instagram to auction off old merchandise she purchased while working for the rapper. Kate told her fans that she needed the money to care for her and Flav’s son.

Here is my son, Jordan, surrounded by official Flavor Flav merchandise,” Gammell told her Instagram fans. The mom uploaded a video clip of her son who sat in the middle of hats, t-shirts, and hoodies that bore his father’s stage name.

Jordan is Flavor’s son,” Kate continued. “I used to manage Flav but no longer do due to the obvious reason. I bought tons of merchandise when I was his manager and now I need money for my son’s everyday needs because I am not getting any child support, so decided to pull out all the merch and sell it to you. It is being sold at a discount rate.”

Gammell also told her fans that a percentage of her earnings would go towards children’s hospital “because they helped me as a kid and are really working hard now even with the Coronavirus to help kids.” Kate told her social media followers that Flavor Flav hats were selling for $20 while t-shirts were $15 and hoodies $30 each

Kate Gammell’s son made Flavor Flav a father for the eighth time. A paternity test confirmed the rapper as the father of his former manager’s son. The test was completed on October 21, 2019, when Jordan was just 2-months-old.

Flavor Flav is believed to have a net worth of about $3 million. Do you think such an estimate is accurate given Kate Gammell’s attempt to sell merchandise to care for their son? Tell us what you think!

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