Finally.. Drake Is Photo’d Hanging Out w/ His Son From The Whoraaaa He Was So Ashamed Of..

Drake posted the first picture ever of his son Adonis on Instagram last night, and it immediately went viral.

Drake’s son Adonis, now 2 years old, currently lives in Toronto with his mother Sophie Brusseaux. Adonis frequently visits his superstar father in California, and yesterday he was in Cali with his dad.

You’ll recall that Adonis – and Drake’s alleged deadbeat dad behavior – was the subject of a diss track by rival rapper, Pusha T.

Sophie, the mother of Drake’s child, is originally from Paris, but moved to Toronto so Adonis could be closer to his father (and perhaps so she could be closer to Drake as well).

But why didn’t she move to Los Angeles where Drake spends most of his time?

She can’t. 

Sophie was previously DEPORTED from the United States for overstaying her visa. So Drake’s baby’s mama isn’t allowed in the country for the time being.

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