Fetty Wap’s Baby Mother Claims He’s A Deadbeat

Lezhae Zeona, one of Fetty Wap’s baby mothers believes that he’s a deadbeat dad. 

Lezhae Zeona took to her Instagram Story yesterday evening to express her concerns with her children’s father, New Jersey-bred rapper, Fetty Wap. The two share two children together in Zaviera Maxwell and an infant son. In total, Fetty Wap himself has a total of seven children with six different women. With the “Trap Queen”rapper planning to kick off a new tour this spring, he might be able to financially provide for his tribe, but the quality time crucial to the development of his children could be a rising concern for the Grammy Award-nominated hip-hop artist as he continues to pursue his entertainment career. 

Lezhae Zeona, an aspiring rapper and mother of two, claims that she has only one person in her life that she can depend on when it comes to her children and eluded to the fact that that person was definitely notFetty Wap. She claims that she rarely has time for her own physical and mental maintenance and how her schedule is severely affected due to her lack of support. On the IG Story post, Zeona wrote:

“If you have a healthy support system for your children be grateful fr. I literally have one person who I can ask to mind my son for me and if that one person can’t do it (which I never get mad at because I understand everyone has a life) I just can’t go do what I have to do. And forget about a break for self and mental care purposes.”

Earlier in the day, Fetty Wap had taken to his own Instagram Story to reveal that he was leaving the social media platform indefinitely. It’s unclear whether or not the Patterson, NJ rapper was influenced by Zeona’s subliminal post, but Fetty Wap insists that he will no longer be participating on social media for now. The “Questions” performer wrote:

“IDK how to deactivate my IG.. So ima just delete the app off my phone.. Love y’all always… Fetty Wap”

While Zeona and Fetty Wap’s other baby mother, Masika Kalysha, may get along, the 28-year-old rapper has struggled to mend his relationships with his children’s mothers. In recent months, Fetty Wap has been confronting the decisions that have led him to this point and has began making some personal changes for the betterment of his own life. Hopefully, the father of seven and his counterparts will be able to come to terms that will allow all parties involved to lead healthy, happy lives at least for the sake of their children.

With Fetty Wap supposedly ditching Instagram for good.

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