Fantasia’s Husband Explains How He Gets His Wife To ‘Submit’

R&B singer Fantasia had feminists in an uproar yesterday, when the millionaire multi-platinum singer told women that she “submits’ to her husband. Now her husband is coming out and explaining what Fantasia’s “submission” looks like.

Fantasia was on “The Breakfast Club” this week and she decided to give women the controversial relationship advice. The 35-year-old said women need to “submit” to their man among other things.

Fantasia explained, “At the end of the day, I’m the neck, my man’s the head. He can’t make any moves without his wife, you know what I mean? It all works together.”

Then she told women, “You have to learn how to submit.”

As you can imagine, feminists all over social media are upset with Fantasia’s comments. Many feel that her advice is sexist, and contributes to gender inequality in the world.

Now Fantasia’s husband is speaking out. He went on social media this morning, to describe exactly what Fantasia “submitting” to him is all about.

He’s using a lot of words like “analytics” “programming” and “propaganda,” but unfortunately isn’t really saying much of anything at all…

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