Fantasia: ‘Let Your Man Lead The Way To Your Bank Account..??? Submission??Tasia….Guuurl?

Singer Fantasia Barrino has set tongues wagging after she offered up some unsolicited advice to the ladies – “let the man lead the way.”

“We need more men to stand up and lead the way. Most women are trying to be the leader; that’s why you can’t find a man. You can’t be the king in the house. Fall back and be the queen and let your man lead the way…” she said during an interview with The Breakfast Club.

She continued:

“At the end of the day I’m the neck, my man’s the head. So he can’t make any moves without his wife. It all works together. But you can’t be the head of the house. You got to let the man be the head of the house. But it’s a generational thing, and it’s what we’ve been taught. Stand up, be strong… And a dude comes, and everything about you is a man.”

For Fantasia, the key to a great relationship is submission:

“You have to learn how to submit. You can still be a queen. A king needs his queen. It’s certain things that he can’t see that we see. Anybody play chess? We work together. But the queen has to sit back and allow the king to be the king.”

Oh Fantasia…you have so much to learn. Let’s check back with her in 5 years and see if she has the same opinion. Anyway, do y’all agree?

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