Fans Throw ‘Sh*t’ At Lil Duvall – He Gets Booed Off Stage!!

R&B singer and comedian Lil Duval had a tough performance in Atlanta last week. Fans booed the tiny singer off the stage, and threw items at him, after they disapproved of his show.

Lil Duvall was performing in front of a live audience for Clifford “TI” Harris’ new talent show – called “The Sh*t Show.”

The Sh*t Show is a modern day reboot of Showtime at the Apollo, which will air on network TV shortly. Amateurs perform in front of a live audience, and if the audience doesn’t like the performance they can throw “sh*t” at the stage. Get it . . . the ‘sh*t’ show.

Well Lil Duvall was called in to perform as a “professional” in between amateur acts. The crowd didn’t like Lil Duvall’s singing, and so they pelted the comedian with the stuff.

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