Fans Think B. Simone Is Getting Her Babyyy Girllll Guts Rearranged By DaBaby

What’s happening here?! Comedian B.Simone has fans thinking she manifested a relationship with rapper DaBaby after playfully e-stalking him for several months.

The internet star has made it known that she loves her some Kirk, she even dressed as his “wife” on Halloween. After pulling that stunt, B. met DaBaby in real life but it seemed like some innocent celebrity crush until last night, she posted what appears to be a photo of DaBaby grabbing her glutes like he owns them! The intimate photo is significant because B. Simone has been claiming to be celibate until the right man comes into her life. She says she doesn’t want to be sexual with anyone if it’s not the man of her dreams, so could she have FINALLY found him?

Hmmm. Dababy was recently spotted hanging out with singer DaniLeigh after publicly spatting with his baby mama. It seems like Kirk is single and out here mingling with all of the women who love him.

After some internet investigation, fans have matched the tattoos in the photo to DaBaby’s photos and it a 100% match. The question is, however, is this a publicity stunt? B. conveniently posted the photo on the same day she launched the pre-sale of her book about manifestation called “Baby Girl Manifest The Life You Want“. In the book, B. shares how she basically manifested her entire career and she’s already sold over 4,000 copies!

Fans think this may be a ploy B. Simone is using to sell books. At the same time, B. was calling herself “DaBabyGirllll” in a caption before the book launch. Could she have been dropping clues?

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