Fans Scramble To Figure Out Which “Washed Up Rapper” Wendy Williams Was Referring To On A Recent Episode Of Her Talk Show

Wendy Williams is no stranger to controversy or throwing well placed shade at celebrities. However, while she usually names names, this time she decided to play coy when she referred to a “washed up rapper” who keeps talking about her.

During the most recent episode of her self-titled talk show, Wendy Williams was filled with shade—and it was directed at an unspecified rapper that she referred to as “washed up.” As you can imagine, the first guess about who Wendy could be talking about was none other than Nicki Minaj, who recently had a heated back and forth with her after she commented on Nicki’s marriage to husband Kenneth Petty.

As you’ll recall, after it was revealed that Nicki was married, Wendy mentioned it during the popular “Hot Topics” segment on her show, saying:

I don’t know what he does for a living, I just know that he did time in jail for—he’s a sex offender. Well, she’s no stranger to that because her brother’s in jail for sex offending… Well, first-degree manslaughter. Now, he served seven years in prison and he’s also a sex offender. So that means that he…is a manslaughter a killer? Okay. So, he’s a killer and a sex offender… Well Nicki, congratulations.”

After waiting to respond during the next episode of her Queen Radio show, Nicki slammed Wendy’s comments about her husband and pointed to her own relationship troubles:

It’s not about doing your job. There are people who report the news and there are people who do it with an evil intent in their heart, viciousness. And I pray for you because I know you’re hurting and I know you must be sick and humiliated. But I understand why now. When a woman isn’t really being loved at home, the viciousness is a different type. So I really wanted to pray for you today, because look at where you are now in your life. You’re sat up there being vicious all this time, and paid for that man’s mistress all these years. You paid for her shopping sprees, you paid for her hotels—b**ch, you probably even paid for her GYN bills, you paid to have that baby delivered, h*e. How you doin’, stupid. Wake up, h*es.”

That brings us to the present and Wendy’s “washed up” remarks. The question is, who do you think she was talking about? Nicki? Or maybe even 50 Cent, who she has battled for years?

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