Fans Drag Baby Bum Simone After She Announces She Will Host a Webinar on Copyright Infringement After Facing Plagiarism Allegations

Comedian B. Simone is hoping people will learn from her mistakes. The “Wild ‘N Out” cast member recently announced that she is hosting a free webinar for young entrepreneurs that will cover copyright infringement, finances, and laws. Unfortunately, some fans were not here for her complimentary course. 

In March, B. Simone published her book “Baby Girl: Manifest The Life You Want,” a guide she’d hoped would inspire people to create their best futures. However, on June 13, Ell Duclos, the founder and lifestyle writer of Girl Boss Bloggers, accused B. Simone of plagiarizing parts of her book from Duclos’ content. Ell Duclos shared an image on Twitter that showed a list from B. Simone’s book that was identical to material from Ell Duclos.

B. Simone addressed the claim in an Instagram video shortly after the incident, explaining that the plagiarized portions of her book were done by an outsourced company without her knowledge. Now, the self-proclaimed “Manifest Queen” is turning her mistakes into free advice.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the Texas native explained that she never wanted business owners to make her mistakes. “I put together a FREE webinar for young men and women that will be led by industry experts and people who are very knowledgeable in important topics!” she said. “I’ve asked them to talk on finances, law, and you guessed, copyright infringement and how not to play yourself. Don’t make my mistakes. Learn from my lesson!”

Almost instantly, fans gravitated toward the message and expressed the idea that B. Simone should take her own course. One user asked: “Shouldn’t she be the one AT this and not hosting it?,” while another fan commented: “I’m sorry, but I don’t want any business advice from her or anyone associated.

A few fans teased the event, explaining that they were unable to attend the session if it took place between the hours of 9 and 5. “Sorry I got a 9-5. Can’t make it,” said an IG user. A fourth fan asked, “People who work a 9-5 can come??”

B. Simone made headlines a few weeks ago for saying that she refused to date a man who worked a 9-to-5 job because he would not understand her lifestyle.

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