Fans Convinced Lil Wayne Sniffs Cocaine In The Middle Of Interview

 – It’s not a secret that Lil Wayne is struggling with drug addiction, but it looks like he needs to be mindful of the place and time to do it. Fans are convinced that the veteran rapper is sniffing coke in the middle of an interview to promote his new album “Funeral”.

During the long-hour interview on “The Drink Champs” podcast, Weezy smoked a lot of weed while answering the interviewer’s questions. However, at some point, he was seen bending his head out of camera range and snorting hard. His eyes appeared more widely afterward, prompting people to speculate that it was all thanks to the narcotic.

While what he did wasn’t really surprising by this point, people were still baffled because he did it in the middle of an interview. “This ninja really snorted a line in the middle of an interview. Crackhead tingz, Chile…,” someone said. “He can’t even wait until after the interview he needs his fix right then and there. Hate to see it,” another commented. Some others, meanwhile, were simply concerned and hoped that he gets help.

Weezy has been open about his love for drugs in multiple public venues and in some of his most popular songs. However, he had been hospitalized due to it. Back in 2013, he was rushed to hospital after suffering multiple seizures and having his stomach pumped when doctors found high amounts of codeine in his system. He was released a week later.

Furthermore, he got himself in troubles because of drugs. Last year, he had a bit of a run-in with the law after his concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia after he was found in possession of marijuana, which was forbidden in the country. This prompted the rapper to post on Twitter, “Never going to Riyadh again!!”

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