Fans Are Dragging Lil Kim For Rehashing Naturi Naughton ‘Notorious’ Beef…Naturi Responds!

Lil Kim recently touched on her feelings regarding Naturi Naughton’s portrayal of her in “Notorious” and now the internet is chiming in, calling her butt hurt and colorist. To be fair, Kim was asked directly about her feelings for Naughton’s acting while visiting Hollywood Unlocked. Melissa Ford set up the question by exaggerating that “no one liked” Naturi in the role. This amped Kim up to let Naturi have it.

“I was not okay with that!… I would have never picked her. Never, ever, ever. She has nothing in common with me. Nothing. No, seriously. I said it already, so I’m not gonna sit here and act like I didn’t say these things.”

Kim continued, going in on Naturi’s overall “attitude” after accepting the role. 

Since the clip has circulated, Naturi responded on IG with a Biggie Smalls quote:

In the words of #BiggieSmalls…’Mo Money, Mo Problems’ [shrug],”

Fans are now putting in their two cents and unfortunately, it looks like the Notorious K.I.M. is taking the ”L’ in this beef.

I still feel like Lil Kim didn’t want Naturi to play her because shes’s darkskinned . Nothing is going to change my mind . I ain’t never heard of someone saying an actress has to have something in common with their story for them to play them . It’s called acting for a reason

Lil Kim still mad about Naturi Naughton playing her in the Biggie biopic. Sis, they had to match your 1993 face, not your 2019 face. ?

The way Lil’Kim is treating Naturi is the same way she she caught herself trying to do Nicki Minaj..and we see how that turned out. Wanting all these woman who look NOTHING like you to portray you, just to smooth out your insecurities is cringy to keep hearing her repeat.

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