Fans Are Dragging Cardi B For Saying She Opened Doors for Female Rappers

There is no question that Cardi B has achieved ultimate success these last few years.

While the “Money” rapper continues to be one of the top musicians of today, many people now feels as though her ongoing success is started to get to her head. 

After claiming that her career has opened the doors for other female rappers, fans have been taking to social media to slam Cardi B for her comments.

The internet isn’t too happy with Cardi B at the moment and it’s all because comments surrounding female rappers and their success. 

While appearancing on Tidal’s Rap Radar podcast alongside T.I. to discuss their new Netflix rap competition series Rhythm + Flow, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper took some time to discuss her successful music career. 

Although she admitted to working hard to get to where she is now, Cardi B then went on to discuss how her career has open doors for female rappers in the industry.

I feel like, after me, I’ll say that it’s kinda easier for a lot of these female artists,” she explained. “Like before me, there was no female rapper that was signed to a label, well, you know the ones that had already been established. Nobody was signing them. And now, everybody’s just signing them if you could rap and you got a couple of followers because nobody want to miss the opportunity. Like, a lot of labels missed the opportunity with me because I went to a couple of motherf**kers and they said, ‘no, no, no, no.’”

T.I. agree with his Rhythm + Flow co-host by saying, “I think she kind of kicked the doors down with being personable. Most women when they came out were extremely mysterious, you hardly heard them talk.”

He then goes on the explain that Cardi B was really the only female rapper in the industry who wasn’t afraid to put herself out there and have the world see her for who she really is, which many rappers are now doing.

You heard them in interviews but never really speaking in a discussion,” he continued. “You feel like you get more a sense of [Cardi’s] personality when she presented herself.”

After the podcast’s release, many fans took to social media to slam Cardi B for her comments. 

While some can agree that she rightfully earned her success, other do not think that she actually paved the way for female rappers. 

“Im so confused lol. And its insulting to girls like Asian, Meg, and Kash who been writing and grinding for her to take credit for their success. Only thing she gets credit for is city girls,” one user tweeted.

Girl bye. ATLANTIC didn’t believe in female rap until after they told Nicki that and then saw her blow up big. If it wasn’t for her, Atlantic wouldn’t have even given you a second thought. Nicki did that for female rap, not you,” someone else expressed. 

Some fans even made a point to mention notable female rappers of the 90s and early 2000s who they believe are the real trailblazers.

The fact that many female rappers came before Nic and Cardi, each one of them had an impact in the game, from Missy to Kim, Trina to DaBrat. Cardi was really just the first to publicize the struggle for women in Hip Hop,” one user wrote. 

On October 22, Cardi B took to Twitter to clarify what she really meant by her comments. 

The rapper confessed that she was never trying to take credit for fellow artists’ success, but believes that she was the one who gave female rappers hope. 

“I didn’t say I pave[d] the way for female rappers but I deff gave the hood and women hope. Labels [were] not signing female rappers and putting them in a shelf and not focusing on them.”

In a series of follow-up tweets, Cardi recalled how hard it used to be for female rappers to get signed and be successful in the industry. 

While she gives credit to all of the female rappers who came before her, Cardi B is certain that she was the one who was able to get female rappers to believe in themselves enough to show the world their talent.

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