Faith Evans Talks Smoking Weed W/ Whitney Houston

Faith Evans has opened up about what it was like to smoke a joint with the late Whitney Houston.

“Whitney and Bobby [Brown] used to live in the same country club as me and my ex-husband, and one day they came to our house,” she told Page Six.

“We were drinking wine, smoking joints, and they had this thing where they [would] dance and curse at each other.”

According to the entertainment outlet, Faith said Whitney “looked at me and said, ‘Faith we got to do a reality show,’ and I said, ‘Girl y’all just did the first episode right here.”

She continued: “We started really hanging out when Biggie passed away. One of the first places she invited me was Donatella Versace’s house in ’97 … I was like, ‘Girl, I don’t have no outfit.’ So she brought me one… It was a dinner party… and men with no shirts [were] serving platters.”

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