Fabolous’ Sour Sister Puts Him & Emily B On BLAST!

Fabolous’ older sister Vonja Jackson has had enough of him and wife Emily B estranging her from their family. The 54-year-old woman put the couple on blast on Instagram recently. If you’re thinking Vonja wants to be reconciled with her brother and sister-in-law, think again. She says “F-CK” Fab and Emily, insinuating she’s done kissing his butt like everyone else.

Your asinine ways reflect our relationship, we don’t have one. Your subliminal shots don’t mean sh-t if you can’t @ me. We are done in reality and I won’t front for the gram or any other app. F-ck you! John. Go ban all the rest of the people that post up about you, you won’t be able to stop the blogs IDIOT . Keep f-cking with me I will sting you like a mf stranger. We are beyond reconciliation motherf-cker. Stop watching me, I give zero f-cks about you and Emily and your kiss a– policies! People stop dm to show me sh-t! All you fake family members kiss my a– , where was you at when his a– needed you? . Foh . Have a good day on purpose you dickriding b-tches. As far as my kids mind your f-cking business when it comes to me and my brother beefing! LEAVE MY PROFILES ON TWITTER FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ALONE BEFORE I GET BLOG RICH ON YOUR A–!

We have no idea the specifics of Vonja and Fabolous’ beef but it seems intense. It was all good just a few years back on Vonja’s 50th birthday, Fab gave her a shout out.

Fabolous and Emily have, however, supported their niece, Vonja’s daughter, who recently graduated despite the family riff. On the other hand, Vonja says Fab is keeping his nephews nice and far from her. She finds it unfair.

When y’all came to my daughters graduation it was to celebrate her. I did no way in shape form or fashion stop you guys from coming but encouraged her that despite us not speaking we can still celebrate. We didn’t speak just smiled , THIS SHIT YOU DOING WITH MY NEPHEWS AND I CANT SEE THEM : GOD AND KARMA IS GONNA PUNCH YALL IN THE FACE! As sure as my name is Vonja Jackson.

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